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Morning all,

I have an old musgrave .243 which was my first deer rifle, its worth nothing to sell but im desperate for the room in my cabinet for another shot gun. what i'd like to know is can it be made safe so i can leave it out of the cabinet? if so how is this done? where can it be done? or can i do it myself? or is it simply not possible?

generally i suppose im asking what the hell do i do with it?

many thanks


Heym SR20

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Mr Fish,

I think the only way you could legally keep it out of the cabinet would be for it to made inoperable with a plug welded inot the barrel and for the Proof House to certify it as deactivated.

Other options - put somehangers on the door of your cabinet so that one weapon can be stored on the door - this is what I am thinking of doing.

Get another cabinet - you can get shotgun cabinets quite cheaply and I would have though for less than the cost of having it deactivated.

Obviously the latter route is going to be ultimately more expensive as you will then have lots of space which will need to be filled - to set the scene - walk into gunshop to get some ammo - nice little 16 bore on the rack - you pick it up - it fits perfectly - a bit of banter and horse trading and half an hour later it seems to be going out of the gunshop with you as you have space for it.


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Many thanks heym,

i really wanted to avoid the extra cabinet because of the obvious reason that it will only get filled up, plus i'll have to ask Mrs Fish to have another clear out of shoes to make room which won't go down well!!

sounds like im going to have a bit of a going on whatever i choose

thanks again


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I think it's about £40 ish to the trade to get a rifle deactivated then you have to do the proof house certification similar sort of fee.
now I am a bit out of date here on costs but my very good friend does it on a regular basis and sure I can twist his arm if you are stuck seems a shame I have a spare space for a .243 you can always give it me if you are reallly really stuck :lol: