Old Scout Knife


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Nice knife, sadly I cant see them handed out to scouts these days
They never were handed out (AFAIK), to Scouts, we were encouraged to buy our own as a commitment to the Scouting movement.
I know some of us were given them by our parents for passing certain tests/badges, I can't remember which ones but once one of us had one the others followed suit so we all ended up with them.

Fosbery Holster

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Spot the man with rich parents ! The rest of us had to have the stacked leather handle versions. The 'Stag' handles (actually jigged bone in most cases) were always a little more expensive than the leather handles ... and never seemed to be as comfortable to use.

Couldn’t be further from the truth, but never looked at it that way.


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Coincidentally I’ve been looking at knives very similar to this recently, as I’m after a knife with a marlin spike :tiphat:
When I first got it I didn't even know what the marlin spike was for. Then when I was older I got into splicing and then I knew. :doh:

I found a long marlin spike easier though!



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I have a stainless one with just the blade and Marlin spike but with the 'Slot' in the middle of the handle similar to the 'Slot' in the marlin spike posted by CSL above.
I have used the 'Slot' for holding rings but does anybody know what the 'Slot' is really for ?