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Done it. What an appalling waste to spend on something that will be taken down as soon as 2012 is over while Bisley (the epicentre of target shooting in the UK) is screaming for renovation.

Can we hope that common sense - as opposed to politics - might prevail?


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Its the way of the world, or at least this country! Spend tax payers money, grease plams and then rip it all down again. Hide the truth about real gun crime and stop lawful people shooting!

Lets put it this way. The Spice Girls are back on top of a media frenzy, Its all we hear. Meanwhile our troops come back from Iraq and Afganistan maimed, mad or in body bags and we hear little or nothing about it! Its like the end of Ancient Rome all over again.

We will never really have an opinion on important matters in this country, it will always be 'smoke and mirrors' politics and it will always be that way. :cry:

Both my wife and I signed the petition though, even if they don't listen we need to show that they can't steamroller the honest hardworking folk of this nation.

Rant over, too much booze and grief I'm afraid! :cry:


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Just signed it.
Last I heard it will take about £5 million or more to demolish :mad:
I wouldn't mind betting that there will be more money wasted on a committee of over paid civil servants tasked with finding out where all the money was wasted following the 2013 Olympics.


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Signed it, although i reckon its time for a revolution to bring this shower of sh£te government :mad: to an end, tax, vat, petrol/diesel costs, the list goes on, but i suppose that is for another forum.



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SigneD it and sent the site to others.
Hopefully someone in whitehall will wake up to the awful waste of tax payers (OUR) money.
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