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Cheers Trapper

I had meant to put it in the proper jokes section!

If you like Billy Connolly remember a lot of his material is based on the legendary Chic Murray...

Man walking through the Olympic village sees a fella walking past him with a big stick on his shoulder....

Stops him and asks "Excuse me but are you a pole vaulter?"

Man answers " No I'm German, how did you know my name was Valter....

( Walter but in German accent, it is not quite the same when you are writing it down)

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Ben, having just eaten possibly the most delicious venison meal that we have ever tasted,(a new years day tradition in this household) I was browsing through Recipe section and came across your You Tube link. Billy is priceless, thanks for the link. :D
The remainder of the roe loin will be cooked in Brandy, cream and mushroom sauce (a la r.atkinson) tommorow evening (Mrs Downwind unfortunately took out too much loin from the freezer :lol: :lol: ) It's just what to do with the left-over venison :confused: :confused: ;) Happy New Year, cheers, Pete.


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Woman walking her dog around a dockyard !! Dog falls in water !! German guy dives in and rescues dog , gives it kiss off life , dog splutters and is revived , WOMAN exclaims MY HERO , YOU SAVED MY DOG !! are you a VET, !! VET he says I am fxxing soaking!!. :lol: Well a recipe for disaster avoided
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