on the run


i was reading the paper this morning just off nightshift it looks like wild dogs have escaped into the countryside in bekesbourne in kent police shot one and two are still on the run so you boys look out :lol:

Little Terry

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They do look foxy don't they!

If you were looking at one at 200yds through a scope in the red lamplight, you'd be a good man to tell the difference!

As my grandad used to say - "if it looks like **** and smells like ****, theres's no need to taste it to find out what it is!"


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Not too far from me either :eek: mind you this is not the first escapees from this zoo.

I had a friend who shot a Barasinga Stag that escaped with two hinds from the zoo. It was a good 25 years ago, but he caught them about 3 months later in a fruit orchard, one stayed the other two left ;) I tanned the skin and mounted the antlers on a shield for him.

Amongat other wildlife that has escaped inot the open countryside from this zoo over the years are.

Nilgai (Blue Bull) which some months later jumped a hedge at night and killed two young men in a car.

Wolves got out but were returned.

2 Clouded Leopards, which they kept very quiet about. This was a good 25 years ago again. One was never seen again the other is hanging over a farmers fireplace ;) thought he had probelms with foxes round his sheep :rolleyes:

Tiger got out sometime back as well but that I beleive was shot straight away.

I dare say there have been others, not mentioned. So a pack of 10 Indian Wild Dogs is nothing new.

Now wheres me lamp :eek:

There sister zoo at Port Lympe has also had escapees, although not recently, although the Wild Boar in the area nearby are believed to have come from the zoo after the hurricane hit in 1987.