one antlered rum `un

John Gryphon

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It looked like rain so I had a quick gallop taking the camera to a cherry rub I knew of and yep I reckoned he was at it and that he heard me coming as I found his marks which ended up doing a sudden uey. Fck it I took a high line above for 200 then 300 north then dropped back down and fck me down below there is a big arse end, ah that could only be a bull. He took a step forward and I got his big guts only,never saw a taste of antler. coming


He then went forward angling downhill and away ,so I went forward and across as well,shitty plentiful dry side trees stuffed it for seeing where he was going so I took a punt and sneaked along and then sprung him,look how wide and fat he is,what a gannet!


I reckon he was onto me but he was just being a wary stag and had me excited as he started to head towards me and all I had was trees and the small gaps between ,fk it would be far easier to shoot him with a rifle,bam!


The dirty dog stopped behind three trees and stood for a few minutes, all he needed to do was step into a 2 metre gap and I had him clear as for a proper pic but the usual sudden wind swirl spun him on the spot and he was gone.I followed him with the binos for a bit and thought Fck it, that was a chance gone begging of a decent pic.



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Hard to really tell... but looks like he could be a very old stag?
Awesome shots still John!