One for Mr B


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Good evening all,

Charles Smith-Jones has very kindly donated a signed copy of his book. It is now in the Auction pages of this site.

Happy Bidding!!


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i think he was hoping to meet the man in person so he could sign the copy mrB has of his own
i believe he has it tucked under his pillow in place of his bible :lol:


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Steyr.308, Thanks very much for getting this for us, much appreciated. Did you get one for yourself? If not, need to get bidding.....

Cheers Steyr.308



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I'm sorry Stu (Steyr 308) But I was in the Senior Service! I'm not going to be out bid by a bloody round head Army type! But saying that as an exmatelot with a typical RN warped sense of humour, I might just be saying that to start a bidding war so you win and donate more money! :lol: This is going to be a fun auction! ;) get your money out ready Brigadier! :D


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Mr B, As I'm running the auction I am sure that whenever you bid, using the correct method, the bidding will have closed on this item, regardless of when you send your bid to me....Senior Service, must mean your OLD!! :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:


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steyr.308 said:
Ah Mr B,

That's what we in the Army call FIB (friends in butts) and closing ranks ;) ''Happy Bidding''

Cheers TJ
I would just like to add, Steyr.308 means "Rifle Butts".. :oops: Before the"Senior Service" get all excited... :lol:


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Blimey Dad's Army are on the attack! :lol: Here is an old RN saying 'Never trust a bloke who craps in a bag and then puts it in his bergen'! :eek: And that's just when your packing your bags to go on leave!
I'm sorry lads, there is nothing you can't tell me about the Army, I've watched all the 'Ultimate Force' episodes! :lol: