One for One


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A local dealer told me he could take my rimfire from me,put it on his licence & hand me another one immediately.
I said I though otherwise & I would have to put in for a variation to retain the slot after I had handed my old rifle over.He disagreed.
When I went to the department of licencing to ask,they said... Hand over the old rifle,put in for a variation within 1 week to keep the .22lr slot,for which I would have to have "good reason" to possess,& if available provide the serial number of the thunder stick I wish to buy & they would have my licence back to me within one working week,so that I could collect my new rifle. This is Dumfries & Galloway.They seem to be pretty fair about it,after all they're only carrying out the rules.
However,if I had taken the RFD's word as gospel I may have found myself dumped upon from a great height. I hope this info stops anyone else from innocently acting in error. Danny

Andy L

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it always surprises me that RFDs often give out incorrect information that could affect peoples licences. The law with regard to one for one's is in my opinion, wrong. I think you should be able to swap one rifle for another rifle of the same calibre but in their infinite wisdom, this is not allowed. At least your area turn the paperwork around quickly.


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I don't think that you have ever been able to legally exchange part 1 firearms without obtaining the necessary 1for1 variation first, apart from possibly in times when you simply bought a pistol permit from the post office (1920's era).
Why would a dealer exchange a pistol due to a cracked grip when he could easily swap the grips over from one pistol to another?
I personally know two chaps who had to have an" interview without coffee" with the deputy chief constable because they just decided to exchange pistols of the same calibre, and then inform the chief constable by letter of the exchange. Somehow I don't think either will be making that mistake again.