One in calf one with calf

John Gryphon

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Out and about on the river flats that have many "islands" of black berry canes among timber stands , they are sprayed and non sprayed.... the deer love to lay up in them. An evening sneak about had me seeing a couple long enough for a pic or two.






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Nice pics John. Don't those hinds have a certain charm to them? Last week I drove around a corner to find a hind on the road with the setting sun behind her, shining through her ears making that pink colour even stronger. I thought to myself, "and I would shoot one of these?"
Then remembered that other charm, roast tenderloin with rosemary and basted with a light chili sauce.

John Gryphon

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I have no qualms about shooting hinds,in fact we need to shoot more for better herd management. A maiden hind (or a fat old one) hang up really well..just add some garlic to the rosemary.