One in the eye!

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Little Terry

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My mate shot this at the weekend. Found to have a stick in it's eye that had blinded it. On closer inspection, it turned out to be 12cm long and went all the way throught the skull, entering the throat just at the back of the tongue. It had probably been there since he cleaned his velvet in late May - early June. He was very skinny and had clearly suffered as a result.

Another Buck was spotted, but he was in good shape and had been doing a good job as all of the does spotted so far have healthy looking twin fawns.

Just thought you might be interested!



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Ow! That makes me wince, it must have been in agony. Good job it was culled for it's own sake.

It's a hard life being a deer.


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not a good start to the year for that fella, first a stick in the eye and then being shot, :lol:
good job your mate was in the right place at the right time to end the suffering
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