One of those mornings


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Ever had one of those mornings when you just cant get into the job at hand. Well this morning was one of them.
Alarm goes off at 5:30 and the wind is howling round the house but you need to go out and see what the deer are up to. Load up the Landy and head as far down wind as the land allows and as you get out of the car there are 5 roe skylining in the middle of the field quite relaxed but you just cant get excited or motivated :???: .
The roe drift into the wood and I follow round when a munty shoots up its alarm and trots of into deep cover. From the first high seat I spot the roe in the hedge line and get up into the high to get a safe shot but they drift deeper into the wood and I could not be arsed to sit in the seat for more than 10 mins.
Get out of high seat and circle round the wood where I spot 2 groups of fallow at 300m but the road makes the back stop so I circle around again to see if I can get parallel but by then they have dissolved away.
On returning to the car the roe reappear making a lovely broadside target at 50m but loads of grass and twigs in the way but they have clocked me anyway. Now I am standing in the wood, the deer are broadside on the field edge and I have been frozen to the spot for the past 5 mins unable to lift the rifle, the deer are staring that hard. Then you start thinking what if someone (you know what I mean) takes a shot at those roe from the other side of the field and you start to think what a good backstop you would make.I move behind a tree which then spooks the deer off.
As I get within 300 m of the car I look back and spot another family of fallow couched in a dip in the hedge but its too far and the wind is wrong so continue to car. I hear a shot or is it a tree branch snapping. Hum :???: Could be the neighbouring farm.
As I open the car door I get hit by the metallic sweet smell of dog ****, the viszla has developed a dicky tummy following her vaccinations but being the lady she is directs the squirt straight out the dog crate door so she wont have to sit in any mess.
Home to wash out back of landy/dog crate and collapse. Another interesting morning and I'm quite glad I didnt shoot a deer - too much mess before breakfast. The predator instinct may improve for this evening.



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This morning was just not the morning for it mate. Or for you by the sounds of it :rolleyes:
Dont worry buddy ive had them feelings before myself mate. Hope this evening goes a bit better for you :D


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you would not think it could get any worse this evening mark.fingers crossed for you mate.i think i would leave the dog in the kennels today just in case :lol: .very well written i could see every deer.


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Well the only thing I saw this evening was a munty with fawn at heel doing what munties do. ie by the time you have clocked it, its gone into the brambles. Ho Hum Tomorrows another day.



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master H
atleast you were lucky enough to see all those deer, tommorow may add a couple to the fridge so good luck for sunday and maybe let the visla out for a run before the stalk :lol:
good hunting mark


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Know what you mean, Sat was not the best of mornings that wind was damm cold. Walked miles crawled under hedges, climbed over wire, the inside of the wood looked like a bomb site. Only saw two roe all morning and they saw me first.

Still beats working very time. I moved to the range shot paper deer instead.


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you worry me ghostrifle,
all these deer that you shoot and you still want to shoot paper ones
hunting fever, i think they call it and you hav it bad :lol:
just hope you never find a cure


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I'm with you there old chap...... went out Sat eve - stalked 2 roe for an hour only to find them both male!

Saw a yearling doe with 2 bucks, belly crawled through mud for 150yds only for them to then move to graze for 1/2 hour on skyline....then it was dark, I realised in the crawl I had ripped my pocket and lost the leather bullet pouch (full) and scope caps. Then it started raining.

After 1/2 hour walk back up the hill in the peeing rain to the car, it wouldn't start...!!