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Who saw the one show last night ? a good piece on deer poaching then they asked the guests there opinion on it ,This is where it all went wrong in typical BBC style ,David attenborough who should know better saying its not a problem because its just the toffs who go deer stalking and that is why people are getting fed up by poaching nothing to do with welfare !
than the Asian comedian making jokes about it !
we should complain given the response messers Ross and brand got. I found attenborough and whoever he is comments more offensive than the other two ! but bet your bottom dollar nothing would get done !


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Beat me to it! :lol:

Yes I saw it.

You are right, it started off ok and they had someone from BASC explain the difference between deer stalking and poaching, points about how stalkers respect seasons, daylight restrictions, choice of weapon etc. Then unfortunately David Attenborough started suggesting that the real problem wasn't welfare but ownership, i.e something along the lines of:

"the problem the people who own the deer have with poachers is that they are stealing, it's a question of theft not welfare"

This is unfortunate because I respect David Attenborough a great deal and it was quite disappointing to hear him say this. The incorrect info about owning deer rears its head again too...

Can be viewed here:

Not a good night for TV last night... over on Channel Five there was an episode of Wild Animal ER focussing on deer RTA's. They picked up an injured and screaming Muntjac from the side of a main road and took it back to the wildlife hospital. They had also transported a roe doe with two broken legs and a roe buck with a broken and hanging antler in velvet which they plaster casted!

I was under the impression that the transportation of injured deer was illegal under the Movement of Animals Order? Yet here they were doing it on national television!


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Here we have another example of people talking about issuse they know nothing about. I respect David Attenborough but even with the knowledge of wildlife that he has got he doesn`t know the little points of wildlife laws. The thing that does get me mad are these presenters who are generally veggies and tree huggers who thinks wildlife will control itself. At least David Attenborough admitted that deer need controlling. :eek:
It`s about time they got real wildlife manager/stalkers on these programmes to defend us, any takers lads? :rolleyes:

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