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Sold: One stop shop - Stainless Wet tumbling kit (tumbler, media, chems ready to go)

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Kit consists of:

- 1x KT 2000 tumbler and waterproof drum (size below)
- over 750gr of stainless media (balls, pins, cones of varying sizes)
- 50gr Jewellers Rouge
- 500gr Crystalline Citric Acid
- spare belt

Only thing missing is water and your tatty looking brass!

details of tumbler:
1. Voltage: 220V
2. Power: 60W (cost no more than a lightbulb to run!)
3. Two-way rotation, timing, five period of speed can be selected
4. Size: 270mm x 220 x 110mm (this is the bigger version)
5. Bucket size: 190mm x 180mm - .270 case shown for comparison, will take 100+ easily depending on case size
6. Inside the drum: Edge to edge 120mm, Angle of the diagonal 135mm
7. Capacity: 5kg
(Beware of lower rated models)
8. Weight: 6kg
9. One piece drive belt

Tumbler can be set to continuously rotate, alternate rotation like a washing machine, can be timed

Bought new very recently I cleaned around 500 cases in very short time
I have since found a bigger one to do several hundred at a time so this is surplus

KT-2000 Min-Tumbler - YouTube

whole kit yours for £175 shipped



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Afraid not Bob
had a crack at building one with induction heaters but passed it on as an "unfinished project" !

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