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Hi folks, I'm wondering if there is anywhere online to get some good quality cleaning rods, brushes, jags etc. Everywhere seems to have bits and bobs but not the whole shabang!? Thanks in advance.


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I've found riflecraft really good and well priced for cleaning bits and usually arrives within 24hrs without extortionate postage costs.

Moray Outfitting

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Nice when folk think of SD advertisers/ trade supporters in responses - so a second for Spud 1967; who does a range of all I list below and more.

Then of course there is us!

Admittedly not all online yet - we're much better at doing stalking stuff than comprehending IT - we we have in stock a range of cleaning gear that will take you from Dewey rods covering .17 through to .35, jags and brushes for most cals too, patches, lube, solvent - butches bore shine, forrest bore foam, Possum Hollow Bore Guides etc through to range boxes to hold the rifle and put it all in.

Several of the Sd prize draw winners got our cleaning gear and all seem happy chaps.

Also about to stock an 'in field ' system that we'd actual be prepared to use.

Genuinely appreciate the ous on us to get webpages fully sorted - but if struggling for anything like that, always happy to help via PM.

All the above and more will be with us at the Black Isle at end of April for the Deer Stalking Fair if you want to compare gear side by side.

Hope that helps.


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Many thanks again folks, possibly might make it to the stalking fair, although it's moved considerably further away from me now than it was!