Opinions on this illustration


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I was mooching around a car boot on Sunday and happened across this illustration by an artist called Alexandra Jacobs and after a google search she is now retired and from Devon. I don't expect it to be worth much but I just liked it and to my untrained eye thought it was quite detailed. Any artists care to give me their opinion please?

I'll wait to hear what you say before I let on how much I paid for it! :D



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If you like it that's what counts mate :thumb:

It's every bit as good (if not a damn sight better) than some of the utter bilge we see going for millions through the likes of Sothebys. At least you can tell what it is

Norfolk Horn

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Pity old Red Dot is still not posting on here, as I always got the feeling he could be a bit of an artist with an opinion which I am sure he would of shared with us.:rofl::coat:


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Ok so it`s not done by Piccasso.
Wish I had a little bit of the talent that the artist has.
Stratts .. you liked it enough to buy it .. that`s all that matters.


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It's got the "cutey cutey" touch - oversize head and eyes, shortened face. It's the foetal look, well known to make people go "Ahhhh!". Disney use it to their advantage all the time (think Bambi etc).

Not to my taste, but if you like it Stratts then that's ok. Glad you didn't pay much for it though!

More "kids playroom" than "Mancave" style, methinks.

Glyn 1

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To be fair, I've seen a lot worse on stands at Game Fairs with three figure plus price tags!

It is very difficult for people like us to judge deer and wildlife art because we are used to seeing the animals alive, only the very very best artist's can really capture this. Roger McPhail for example. We are always going to see the faults in anything less than the best.


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Do better then you can criticise otherwise it's a nice illustration. Keep it and enjoy.