optics-trade.eu - any problems recently?


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I placed an order with these guys on Black Friday (26 Nov) on an item showing a 1-3 days despatch time. Last week they were telling me that they were still waiting for their bank to verify the payment, which sounds odd given that I used a credit card and the payment has definitely gone. They have yet to respond to my last request for information. I am not overly worried yet as I've spoken to my card provider about it but I am curious if anone else is experiencing delays with them at the moment?

I have seen positive threads about them from 2015 and 2016 so my assumption is that they simply got swamped on Black Friday and have yet to catch up and/or have run out of stock, but the lack of communication from them this week is starting to give me doubts.
I bought an Aimpoint Micro & have had 2 different mounts from them without any problem what-so-ever. A missing lens cover was replaced without question & quickly. At the time I bought it was a big saving & they were good to deal with. I did ask a UK supplier if they could match the price but they couldn't get close.