Optimum fridge temps


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Sourced a 1300l commercial fridge this week, wondering what the optimum temp to set it to is?
Iv used upright larder fridges for years but this one is digital, iv currently set it to kick in when it reaches 4 degrees C then shut off when it hits 2•C with an running temp of 3 degrees.
Is this about right? Are the high/low temps to close together? All advice greatfully received!image.jpg


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The recommended maximum is 8c, though they say 5c to allow for using the fridge (not so much of an issue with your deer fridge). you could probably run it kicking in at 6 and dropping out at 4.


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Rule of forty as a guide - 40/fridge temp = no of days hanging safely. So for you with an average temp of +2, you could hang for 20 days. In everyday terms, though....I'd just let the beast cool down outside the chiller for a while. The aged guru from the hill always told me, when the beast feels cool to the back of your hand, it can go in the chiller. (Apparently avoids 'shocking' the meat) We let ours settle with a chest spreader in place, then into the chiller for a week (this is roe), then skin and butcher. Never, ever had a problem with 'tough' meat.