Ordering kit from Cabela's


Carl Gustaf

Has anyone had any experience with ordering gear from Cabelas in the States. I like the wide variety of equipment they stock and the prices are rather attractive too!

The thing is, I have ordered from an American website before. 'Victoria's Secrets', its a highly exclusive site for hunters with very special requirements.....ugghhmmm! (wink..wink). Anyway I got stung for duty and a further £15 to get it through HM Customs with the courier!

I ended up paying a small fortune. Any ideas?

Andy L

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Carl, I have used Cabelas a couple of times and a friend of mine seems to spend half his earnings with them. It depends on the value of the order whether you get stung for duty, but I believe that whoever you order from abroad, the same rates apply. Fantastic quality products though and when I have used them the prices still worked out cheaper than the UK, even with the duty.

Carl Gustaf

Cheers Andy,
I've got the catalogue, its got everything! The wife won't let me order the 'White tail deer' duvet cover,matching pillow case set, the Whitetail deer curtains and valance are also very good. The rattle snake proof wellies would be an over kill though as I have only seen one slow worm and a couple of grass snakes in this part of Warwickshire! ;)


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One way l used to be able to do it was to order things through an american buddy of mine who served in the us airforce he used to get it shipped in through the us internal mail on base that way we avoided the tax,not sure how legal it was but it worked well for a while unfortunatly he went back to the states a while back so now l am back in the same position as you,l am investigating another option at the moment if it works l will let you know.


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I often get things shipped to a mate in the states, who forwards things on,only once have I been caught for tax.

If Cabellas send things surface it will take 6 weeks be patient.

Carl Gustaf

Thanks both, I think I may have to risk it and just order. It would be so much easier if America joined the European Union! :lol:



Carl, I have ordered "a few things" from Cabelas and also Bass Pro, in my opinion a very good way to buy kit.
Top tip for you , if you know of someone in the States, ask them to buy the item, post it over as a gift and you can avoid the import tax.
I actually paid for the items, gave a U.S. address and got my mate to post them over.
If you don't have a contact address in the States it might prove a problem and you will have to pay the tax I'm afraid, but it still works out pounds cheaper.
Good luck

paul k

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I've bought fishing and hunting items from a number of US suppliers including Cabelas for a few years now. You do occasionally get caught for duty, more so with some carriers than others, but everything has arrived - eventually.

If you opt for the surface mail option with Cabelas it will take a few weeks but it will eventually arrive.


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Import Tax and Vat is normally based on the value of the item, if it is very low you may get away with it, however if you buy an item say a scope and insure it, it will be deemed that the value is as per the insurance value and you will tax based on that value,
It has been stated by other members if you can it posted as a gift you may only get charged a clearance fee,.
I purchased a scope off the eBay site USA it was about £360 I got charged something like £152 in total for clearance fees and tax,
I was able to get most of it back by getting the sender to send me an email stating it was a gift
I you buy from China they always put it’s gift to avoid paying the tax,


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i ordered gear to the ammount of 70dollars on the site, postage was cheap and i avoided payng tax but it took 95 days to get to me from cabelas, i personally wouldnt bother buying again if i knew it was gonna take that long to come in the post, but the gear i got was top quality in fairness... 8)

dusk till dawn

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Hi I have had things from bear basin in the states and have them posted to a friend in the states free post, then sent to me through an american post box. on base it would be the same for cabelas, or if we are visiting, I would pick it up and bring it back.
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