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Anyone from Orkney or go there often, we agreed to go on holiday with a relative and they picked Orkney.

Looking at it it's a fishermans paradise, I have course gear and pike carp gear will this do for shore fishing up there?

any tips or other things to do, going around the 10th August for a week.




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if you like ancient settlements & stuff Skara Brae and 2 other main sites, buy a 3 for 1 ticket
stay in 'bed and breakfast' not the hotels


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As craigievarkiller said amazing trout fishing, the fishing on of the rocks has been poor this year, if the mackerel are on they will take a piece of white feather on a hook. Download some info on Scapa Flow for a rainy day, which there will be many, and it will add to the interest, Churchill Barriers, Royal Oak sunk by Gunther Priens in his submarine. The German fleets ships were scuttled in Scapa after the first war 1919. Also a chapel built by Italian prisoners which is worth a visit, and Kirkwall is a nice town. You might be lucky and see killer whales (orca) chasing seals on your way over, the seals try and hide under the boat but the orca get them eventually.
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