Our first high seat.

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hi this is my first post on the sight other than the introduction, thought I would share these pictures of our first high seat on our ground me and my mate joined the stalking syndicate about 18 months ago and decided this would be a excellent place for a high seat so after a day and a half s work this was the result, we where luck that one of the guys on the shoot managed to get hold of this tower from work wrote off due to been slightly damaged but still safe enough for our purpose.

tom reveley

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Andyget some 4foot timber pegs knock in the ground and put some corner braces in windy up that part of the county roof would be easy to do
Atb tom


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I would second what the poster above has said. Scaffold towers are ok, but they should be braced as they are not that stable if this is not done. I would certainly brace the tower on all 4 corners. Adding a roof should also not be a problem. Other than that well done and look forward to seeing the first deer to be taken from it.


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Thats not a highseat, thats a watch tower that the North Koreans would be proud of. Yes put a roof on and a set of optics for a bottle or two to keep warm with.

paul o'

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looks like its goner be a good set up, i would build a small shed on it then brace the life out of it bit of 12v and happy days , hope you have set it on good footings or sleepers .
ps i would move it as it looks haunted already :lol: