Out for a Buck this evening.......................but....

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I have got the supervisory condition off my cert now,so,I went out onto a bit of permission that I have that does have a few good Bucks on it.I pulled into the yard,and,the farmer was there,and,he told me that while cutting a couple of the fields today,he had gone over 4 Roe kids(not on purpose mind....lol)well,I thought at the time if a buck isn't forthcoming then maybe there will be a charlie or two after the remnants of the kids.I bid him farewell,and,I drove along the lane to a field at the far end of his land that happens to be in a valley,and,parked up just inside the field.
I loaded up and put the safety on,and set off down the edge of the first field just as the sun was dipping behind the trees.There were three fields that had been cut in the last few days,and two that had been cut today,so,I skirted along the top of those fields behind the trees and low hedgeline.I glassed the surrounding fields,and,saw two Roe does,I watched them for about 5 mins hoping that there would be a Buck close by,but,not today.Just before carrying on,I glassed the field that I had just skirted,only to see Charlie bouncing on mice in the newly cut grass.He was a good 250yds away,and,that is outside of my confident killing zone,so,I stalked in as close as I dare,without being seen,and,dropped the tripod down,and,pulled the legs out to the limit.......................

.I sat down,and rested the crosshairs on Charlie,adjusted my breathing.....exhaled ....held that breath,and,slowly squeezed the trigger.........CRACK!!!! He just keeled over onto his side and there was a stiff,but,quivering leg in the air..........he was stone dead!To say I was pleased is an understatement,but,just as I was going to pace out the distance,a Roe Doe casually walked along the hedgeline just behind where the fox was,I'm pretty sure that she was looking for her young'un that had already met an untimely death earlier....very sad to see,but,that's life as they say.I did pace out the distance,and,it was 157 very large paces,and,I know that is a trifling distance up against some peoples,but,it was the farthest I had dropped one so,I was smiling all the way home.
He seemed to be in very good nick,and,had a good coat on him,but,he did have a few teeth missing,so,I would say he wasn't in the first flush of youth,and,here he is....................


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Well done you, nice story. Pity about the Roe kids, perhaps you could ask the farmer to put one of those bar attatchements on the tractor to save cutting up kids in the future. Its always a bit distressing to see a doe looking for its young, and finding it chopped up.

Good shot on the Charlie.

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Excellent Rem, It makes a nice change to hear someone worry about the distance on a fox and stalk in closer. Most people (me included sometimes) tend to test themselves on a fox if it comes up at distance as if it deserves less respect than a deer.
Gud on ya!


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roe kids.

That is a shame about the deer. I seem to remember reading that if you put a flag up in the field the day before cutting then the doe will move her kids out of the field. I wonder if we all did this on our stalking grounds how many roe kids we could save?



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The speed the tractors fly around the fields cutting grass is crazy nowadays. Watched the contractor last year, sped around the field then spent an hour nattering to me after he finished, so what was the rush in the first place?? Nothing sadder than seeing a doe hanging around a field looking for her kids after the grass has been cut.


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With all the beautiful sights that the Countryside produces in the Summer it is a crying shame that it also produces such heart wrenching scenes as a doe looking fir it's young, absolutely tragic. Nowhere near as good as you dropping that fox, and it was even done whilst displaying thought and compassion for the fox, well done. To think that some people think we are a heartless lot.



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Great read Martin. On the big farm i shoot on, the fields are worked from inside to out. The owner insists on it.
Great shot on the fox mate.


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Well done! That's one less killer on the loose and I take my hat off to you for shooting it at a range you are comfortable with.I think we hear too much about long range shooting and not enough about getting closer to whatever we are shooting.I occasionally take a long shot at a fox but usually they are 100-150yds away.I want it DEAD,not made lampshy by it being missed,not injured but DEAD.
One night the other week I shot 7 (6 cubs and the vixen) in under an hour and they were all under 100yds away.When I bump into one of the local farmers,I want to tell him what he wants to hear..I saw 8 foxes,fired 6 rounds and killed 6 foxes.Not that I saw 8 foxes,fired 6 rounds and killed 3 because they were all a long way off.This is a good way to go about losing your permission because the farmer might just be thinking to himself that he should get joe bloggs down the road to sort them out rather than someone who scares half of them away.
Keep up the good work,
All the best,
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