Out for a stalk,and a bit of lamping later........

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I had a call from a good mate,and,he asked if I was busy?I said of course not....where we going?
He said that we would be out for a Buck on some of his permission,and,then out lamping later on for Charlie.Well,I was on my way to his place later on,and,I was thinking crikey it's hot.There wasn't a puff of wind either,and,as we both entered the first farm(very open landscape)there still was no wind to speak of.We set off down the valley,and,I spied a Buck three fields away,but,unfortunately he was on a neighbours field,and then disappeared through the hedge towards a small wood.We carried on walking around the farm,all the time expecting to see another Buck.We entered another field,and,my mate said,"down in the gateway......Charlie",it was about 180+yds away,and,she was just sat there chest on,so I got down put the bipod down and,just as I slipped off the safety catch having framed her in the sights,she sloped off as if she had heard it click(it didn't by the way).We carried on round the farm,but,all to no avail,and,as we were sweating like a couple of Turkish wrestlers in a steam room,we decided to try another farm.
We got to the next farm,where we both thought that we would see a Buck,but,again it wasn't to happen,but,as we entered a large cut field my mate saw a fox right at the bottom,so,we dropped down and he started to squeek,and,immediately it tore up the field as I was steadying my bipod and getting ready for the shot.It stopped about 35yds away,but,was obscured by the long grass around the outside of the field.Something spooked it and it made it's escape through the hedge to our left.As we sat there just waiting to see if it might return with a few more squeeks,another(I think)fox came into view having took us a bit by surprise,and stood just where the other one had,I put the crosshairs on it's chest and squeezed the trigger................NO CIGAR!!!!! I missed,and,whether it was because I shot through the grass is debatable,but,that was my excuse anyway.Well,I missed another a bit later,and it was then that my mate asked if he had made it clear that there was a £10 fine for missing,and I was £20 down. :blink:
As darkness was falling very fast now we decided to go on to another farm,so,off we headed.I have been on this farm before but only in daylight,and,it wasn't kind to me then,as I had a long stalk at a Buck,only for it to disappear through the top hedge as I was near to a safe shot,but,this was another night altogether,and,I don't believe in having a bad run of things,you just got to keep at it.The fields were absolutely full of hares wherever you looked,but,we were aftert Charlie,and,after a couple of minutes squeeking we had a couple in the same field,although they were a bit nervous,and,didn't want to come in at all,we tried the field right beside us(lots of fairly small fields around the farm)and,there in the hedgerow was a fox,my mate gave it a squeek,and,it stood still and looked at us...........I just put the crosshairs on it and squeezed the trigger,and,THWACK!!! over it went dead as a door nail,I had redeemed myself.It was about 80yds,and I told my mate that it was because I don't like them too close LOL.That was the last of the foxes for the night,but,at least it ended on a good note for me/us..........plenty more to be having a go at.


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Good write up Martin. I like a write up where the reader can "walk the stalk" with you. You saw more than us tonight. We didn`t even see a Deer after dark, a couple of badgers and plenty of hares. One fox in a non permission field.


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We all get nights like that though Bas,it would be boring otherwise,or,start to become more like a job than a hobby/sport..............Martin.


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£20 down martin :cry:
how much did it cost you at the battle cruiser :lol:
we all hav an off night, but nice to finish on a good un aye ;)
the other bushy tailed blighters, may not be so lucky next time
good luck with them
The Lucky Hunter