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I took my brother-in-law and his grandson out last night looking for a fox,they came over about 1900hrs and we set off for a farm I have permission on fairly locally.The lad is 12yrs old,and,I have taken him out before ferreting and for some target practise with a Rapid '7' and latterly with the rimfire,and,he seems to be a natural keeping very good groups.It is because of this that I have no problem with him shooting live quarry,in fact he is a better shot than a lot of experienced shots I have known.We got to the farm,and,there was absolutley no wind at all,and,it was hellish hot.I had thought there might of been a deer about,but,only a doe and her kid on the other side of the valley,and,a pricket two fields away(not my permission).So,we set up in a place where we could see a good area of the fields,and,had a bit of a squeek,it took 15-20 mins for any movement,but,Charlie was creeping up on the right of us,I swung the .243 round on the bipod,steadied myself,and,hit it right in the middle of the chest,it flew back over on itself,and,rolled down the bank about a yard or two before settling there in the grass.I made the rifle safe,and the lad came over with me to see the fox...................WELL,you could of knocked me over with a feather,as the bloody thing had gone(I just know you are laughing now Foxdropper lol)I looked around,and,even in the two fields nearby,but,it had gone never to be found.I was right ****ed off,and,if you have read my last topic you will understand why.
Anyway,I said for my brother-in-law and the lad to go over the brook,and have a look for a rabbit or two for the lad to have a go at,while I went to set up for squeek in another area.As I got to the large gate(it used to be a deer farm)I spotted Charlie loping down a field some 200yds away,and,I still had to get through the gate,and,they all have these really awkward latches on,and,you can rarely get the latch open without making a noise,but,on this occassion it just opened lovely and silent.I set up on the bipod in the gateway,and,gave a few squeeks,but,Charlie wasn't having any of it,and,just carried on down the field crossing into the corner,and,then I would of lost it,so,I gave a very high pitched and long squeel,and,she stopped dead,and,as she did a 100grainer made an air hole just in front of her ear,and,she did drop this time and never even twitched.I estimate the shot was around 160yds + and,I was very pleased with that.As it wasn't moving at all,I carried on squeeking for another 5-10 mins,but,no more movement,so,I decided to have a look over the brow to see if the others were coming as it was getting properly dark now.Just as I started towards the brow over they came both with beaming smiles,and,the lad carrying his first ever fox taken at 30yds with a very clean shot,that anyone would be proud of,he was like a cat with two tails,and,I can't blame him.Now I have a feeling some people might not be happy with him taking a fox at his age and with a rimfire,but,as I said he is a very good shot,and,he is a very level headed young man,and,apparently he took the shot with the utmost professionality.He will be accompanying me on a lot more forays in the future as well,and,I hope that this sport that we all love,will help keep another lad from an inner city upbringing to keep himself out of trouble,and,enjoy the sport along with the rest of us all..................Y.I.S. Martin
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Bloody well done Martin, that boy is not too young at all judging by your description of him. He is capable, confident with the right attitude and under experienced supervision. Sounds just about perfect to me, especially when you consider that he is an inner city lad, no, well done you.

Oh yes nearly forgot to congratulate you on your fox :eek:



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Chuffed for the lad, atleast you are teaching him the right way instead of him out with an air rifle just popping whatever, this way he is respecting his quarrie and can only develope his skills with the aid of yourself.

Good read and well done you for getting the next generation out to experience the adrenalin rush and satisfaction that out hobby/job/passion is all about.


PS. I shot my first Roe which was also my first deer a week before my 14th birthday, I can still remember it to this day, since then I have never looked back.


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Well done to you both. Can't wait to take my 2 boys out, but that is still a long way off. THey are only two and a half and six months, but now doubt it will be on me sooner than i realise.


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Excellent post!
Hopefully another recruit to the fold, but I bet his folks wish you hadn't!
All those expensive letters at christmas now!!
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