Out of Town. Jack Hargreaves.

I understand this is to be shown on Monday evenings at 18:30 on Talking Pictures TV for anyone thats interested.
Channel 306 on freesat and whatever channel number on freeview.
Got to be worth a watch.
Watched the first one last week, brought back some nice memories, mind you don’t realise just how rubbish the tv picture was then compared to today 😂
I watched a couple of episodes recently.
I found it more than a tad tedious to be totally honest.
Agreed they weren't very exciting but still I enjoyed them.
Such a calm soothing tone, gave a feel good factor for the rest of the day.

Funnily enough I caught the last one he made on youtube early hours of Thursday morning. Didn't realise that it was so long ago in 1985.
A couple of extracts from this amazing man’s Wiki entry
“Jack Hargreaves OBE (31 December 1911 – 15 March 1994), full name John Herbert Hargreaves, was an English television presenter and writer whose enduring interest was to comment without nostalgia or sentimentality on accelerating distortions in relations between the city and the countryside, seeking – in entertaining ways – to question and rebut metropolitan assumptions about its character and function.”. And

“He became of the opinion that one of the best ways to reserve the countryside for its proper purpose was to keep most people out of it”.

A true countryman whose laid back style utterly belied his many talents and what he did for the medium of television.
Dad and I would watch it when i was growing up. Bumped into him a couple of times In Winchester.
I was told by a local (who claimed to know) that Jack Hargreaves was something of a Ladies' Man in his day.

I don't know why I found that surprising! Perhaps it was just that as I was watching him as a boy, he came across as a grandfatherly figure.