Over culled?


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have no worries? Several once solid populations in England have been totally shot out, gone, all killed, no more left, others are on the verge of disappearing through over shooting. Just look at the replies to adverts on here for boar shooting, seemingly every man and his dog wants to shoot one (or more). The future for boar in the UK is incredibly bleak.
What will i do with my new paid for BOAR Certificate, with none in the UK. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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Correct , for an intellectual Frans Vera made a remarkable error of judgement. Whilst correctly claiming that starvation & disease are natural events he absurdly overlooked the fact that herds of large herbivores mitigate these effects by migrating to new areas when their preferred forage has been exhausted, totally impossible in a fenced reserve!
Whoever would have thought that animals would move to a better food source? For that minor oversight old Frans gets my nomination for the Darwin Award.


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I see the NGO are offering a boar shooting certificate in their latest newsletter. In view of the comments made on this thread, I can't see it being over subscribed.


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Had chance to shoot a pig many moons ago As they drank at dusk, was told by foreign gentleman m16 no good for pig! Ak47 very good for pig! Was the only pig I have ever shot, found it days later following the stench!