Paddy and murphy

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Paddy and murphy was walking down a street in Dublin when suddenly paddy falls down a hole and breaks his leg screaming in pain he shouts up at murphy.........murphy murphy I hav broken me f n leg hurry up and call me an ambulance...murphy looks down the hole starts laughing and shouts paddy is an ambulance paddy is an ambulance


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In a similar vein, and probably just as true, may I offer the slightly more cerebral...

On a foggy evening a man came rushing out of the Savoy Theatre in London after the first night of HMS Pinafore. He saw a figure in a long coat pacing about on the pavement whom he took to be the doorman, but who was actually W S Gilbert, the author of the piece.
“Call me a cab,” he shouted, “and be quick about it!”
Gilbert took his cigar out of his mouth and eyed the man critically: “Certainly. You are a four-wheeler”.
Infuriated, the man responded, “You impudent fellow! What the devil do you mean?”
Replied Gilbert: “Well, you asked me to call you a cab, and I can hardly call you hansom.”


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The version I heard was that Murphy phoned the ambulance and was told to support Paddys leg.
When they arrived Murphy was standing with his hands above his head clapping them together shouting 'Paddys leg...Paddys leg...'

I suppose he could have sang you'll never walk alone in the circumstances
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