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Hi folks,

Does anyone know where I might be able to get a panga (heavy brush-cutting tool like a curved machete)? Do they have such things in this country?



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Hi Mungo.

No, sorry, but just replying to advise that Royal Mail imposed new regulations on what can be sent via the post as of 15th Jul, and it could impact on stuff like that..... Ask for the vendor to send it as a `tool` or `gardening equipment`, and this should get around it.

If any of the vendors on here who sell sharp edged kit want the link it is :- OR

All the best.



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Hi Mungo, I bought a 'Bear Grylls' Parang from Bush Wear. It is amazingly sharp, excellent hard steel and will do with a 2" bough in one stroke. It's also good at splitting the pelvic bone of deer, when dressing out, If you do get one be careful and keep your legs well protected. it goes through brushwood amazingly easily.


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check out Askari hunting uk. you have to spend a minimum of £30 but they have a huge selection of knives machetes billhooks etc and all well priced.


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Cold steel sell them I purchased one for my son last September, cost £20 or so and absolutely excellent, nice balance, takes and holds a good edge and nigh on indestructable.

Highly recommended.


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Know exactly what you mean - we have a good one at home in the garden shed, along with an African grass cutter ( cant remember what they are called - the long bent piece of simbi that you swipe back and forth - generally made from a 44 gallon oil drum). In Edinburgh try Nordic Outdoor in Bruntsfield, Murray Tools ( opposite the EIC), the army surplus at top of Leith Walk or failing that tool station or machine mart - they certainly do bill hooks, that with a bit of re shaping could be turned into a Panga type tool. Alternatively one land rover leaf spring and an angle grinder and or forge.