Sold: Pard 008 lrf oled ( p model)


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For sale
Changing rifles

My pard 008 led oled model and has had the IR filter removed by Bruce so is same as older model emitting full IR

Comes with mount, case , soft carry bag , manual , 1xpard 18650 battery
And an old binocular cap with small hole to act as lense cap and also filter so get best out of color screen in sunlight

Is in good condition

£680 incl insured posted


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Is the removing of the IR filter something anyone can do or is this a specialist job?

Good luck with the sale as these are a great unit! Steve.


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I don’t think it’s a big job if your ok with small circlip and glass lense

the filter itself pard started putting in across front of the vcsel is simply an opaque piece of 2mm x 2mm plastic … nice removed the OR wavelength which was measured for output on Bruce’s
( mealiejimmy here , Phoenix on NV forum ) light rig and the IR output matched the previous versions


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Many thanks for your reply - I will look in to this. I really love my PARD but anything that can improve it further I am interested in! :) Thanks again.