Sold: Pard 008LRF


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Selling my as new Pard 008p LRF

Bought 2 months ago, never been out of the house. bought this for a rifle that i havent got yet and decided im not going to use this.

When i say as new, it is new.

Come with original mount & also eagle vision adjustable mount so you can keep the crosshairs central without touching the unit itself. no need for shimming etc.

Also includes the new Red shot designed sunshade, made for the eagle vision mount, its extended, has flip up cover and also iris adjuster.

Case with accessories also included for both.

Looking for £800 posted
700 for pard and sunshade
100 for eagle vision mount (will only sell the mount when the pard has sold on its own)

Pictures available on request.

Cheers Adam
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