Wanted: Parker and Hale Hussar


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Good luck, I have been looking for one or zg47 in 7x64 for years!! Fantastic rifles. If I see one I will let you know!

Holts had a ZG47 in 7x64 and sold it in 2014 and 2016:

https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.c...salelot=S0414+++3510+&refno=+++74254&saletype= £220 + commission etc

https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.c...salelot=S0116+++3932+&refno=+++95301&saletype= £276 + commission etc

I'm sure they're solid rifles but that rough-finish forged receiver doesn't make them look very attractive.


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An 8x64! Sounds perfect! Yes it does look rough. But nothing a morning with refinishing and shipping off to the blacker's couldn't sort. I'm a sucker for an old classic. Can't help myself...