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For Sale: Parker Hale 7x57


Well-Known Member
Exceptional condition for age Parker Hale 1200 in 7x57

With rals4 rings and PH original bases, as well as Nikko Stirling Gold Crown nitrogen filled 6x40 with crosshairs and good lenses.

Rifle is in a remarkable state of preservation for its age. A couple of signs of carrying on the stock, but bluing and bore are virtually like factory condition. I doubt this rifle has fired a box off ammo!

Not mutilated, ie pressure point still intact. I shot a sub 1” group with factory ammo.

Trigger has been lightened to a nice light and clean break with no creep - very good workmanship for this trigger imho.

It is not like new and has a couple signs of being carried maybe only a number of times, but saying that, the best preserved PH I have ever come across.

The rear sight adjustment blade is missing, but finding an original match should be very easy indeed. I believe it was removed to give a lower POI with irons and a bigger sight line with the front bead. The original front sight is there with hood of course.




Well-Known Member
No airfare from me, I cant see why dont you drive instead,does it not fit in within your time frame parameters?

To add, you can have all the meat that you shoot and you can ship a 1000 pounds or more of meat home with you as well,then cash it to those that hanker for some venison back in the UK.

First thing I will do is to order a B+C stock for it like this one on the same model of PH. Same colour I reckon too.