Parker Hale rifles


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I am going to ask this question even though I know it is not possible to get an accurate answer.

How many deer have been shot with Parker Hale rifles compared to any other single make of rifle?

It will be interesting to hear the opinions.
I would say probably more than 50% as the old PH was a cheap rifle bought for many keepers by the estate owner. Nowt wrong with a PH all tended to have very good barrels even if the actions were a bit rattly and they were initially made on the BSA site (ie Birmingham Small Arms) who made a lot of good serviceable guns and rifles. I used one in a professional capacity for many years.


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I for one have shot hundreds of deer with my old Parker hale , it was handed down from my grandfather to myself when he gave up rifle shooting.

It's a rifle I will never part with having shot my first deer and fox with it.


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I shot a nice stag with one years ago. My brother had one in 30-06. Was a nice rifle but only shot so so

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I see them on gun trader and here second hand for peanuts. Is there any difference in performance for the extra few hundred quid of something like a new Savage?


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Personal choice only but I would rather have a Parker Hale than a Savage even though the new Savage rifles are now far better than some of the old models. Parker Hale had quite a good reputation for producing decent barrels and good accuracy in their day and the couple that I owned certainly proved that but we have to remember that Parker Hale closed a long time ago and that condition needs to be taken into account when comparing an old rifle with a new one. Nearly all newly produced rifles will shoot with an acceptable degree of accuracy.

Going back to the original question while Parker Hale rifles may have accounted for a fair few deer over the years I'm sure that there are many makes of rifle that have accounted for a great deal more throughout the world e.g. Winchester, Remington, Sako, Mauser, and even Enfields throughout the commonwealth.
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When I was starting out every 'keeper and Stalker I knew had a PH .243, .270 or .308 with a Pecar scope, a Brno .22lr, often with a Nikko Sterling scope and either a Baikal or AYA Yeoman shotgun. There were also a few BSA CF2's about. Guests generally had Mannlichers. I remember seeing my first synthetic stock on a Mannlicher Professional and had to have one, it was a long time coming on YTS wages but I bought one soon after getting my first full time job. I must be one of the few stalkers of my generation that has never owned a PH.


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Ok I probably should have said within the UK but the answers are coming back pretty much as I thought they might especially from those of us not in the first flush of youth.:D The comment about Nikko Sterling scopes is relevant too, My first PH had one and it was trouble free. 4x magnification and perfectly adequate.


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My first rifle was a PH l had it years and shot a lot of deer with it, it never let me down and l felt 100% confident using it, if mines anything to go by l bet there's many a deer been taken with one, also topped of with a gold crown 6x, happy days we all gotta start somewhere and l for one am happy to have started that way
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Love my P/H .243 shot my first Fallow n 2nd Red and first rifle shot fox with it ,only 200 quid and bomb proof .Price isnt always right does the job and didnt need a bank loan or kidney selling to buy it:thumb:


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learned to shoot on a Dickson made Santa Barbara Mauser (essentially a parker hale) .270 topped with a 4x32 nikko stirling.

40 years and 5 different people used that rifle on roe, red and some unlucky vermin

still shoots, still wears the same scope


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First shot with my 308 Norma mag on a live one. Frosty morn @ a couple of hundred yards from up in the bushline.

The old girls scrub up well.