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Wanted: Part for Primos Trigger Sticks


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While bimbling about at night on the quad the lower, sliding section of one of the legs of my Primos Gen II tripod somehow managed to detach and lose itself!

If anyone has a defunct Primos of any description, Generation and configuration is unimportant, from which I can salvage a lower leg slider, please contact me.

Suitable remuneration/postage/charitable donation will of course be made.
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Stand easy!

After an exhaustive and thorough search - okay ten minutes bimbling around on the quad - I found the missing leg piece. Wasn’t quite a needle in a haystack scenario, but not far off given the height of the grass!

As a precaution I checked the other two legs on this new (to me) tripod and both came apart with not much effort. Nothing a small dab of contact adhesive between the plastic ferrule and lower leg slider couldn’t fix, and they will still come apart easily for future service, but it might be something for owners of Primos sticks to check.


Had the same problem with mine and lost one on a night lamping. Luckily like you I retraced my steps and found it. I’ll check the other two