Patterdale on the Lookout

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Just a snap of my Patterdale on the lookout from one of my highseats.
I would be interested if any other members have Patterdales as deer dogs I have found my dog easy to train and a great companion.


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hi ben p i have a patterdale as well hes 3 years old and loves stalking with me he is great finding the shot deer when found he bays at them


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Hi Ben
I like the look of your dog.
My brother has one but it looks nothing like yours.His is black and a longer wiry coat.
An advantage with having a terrier sized dog is the fact you can take it up there with you,like you say for company...and to keep you warm on a cold morning!
All the best,


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I'm glad you said that I have a border/patterdale & I have been keen on taking him out stalking,he's a bit gun shy though,so I'll have to cross this bridge when I come to it, & we think he's 6 years old,which isn't too good.
Still though if I can give the dog a sense of purpose,I'm sure he'd be delighted.
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