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Can anybody offer any advice on the following problem please.
I have an Epsom Stylus SX400.
The other day it ran out of ink so I changed the cartridges for the usual Epsom compatible ones that I always use, fired it up and it sent me a message, 'Cartridges not recognised' that is uaual but I normally just switch off, wait a few minutes then switch back on and all is fine.
This time however, it will not print.
After pressing the print button, it goes through all the usual procedure, number of copies, size, quality etc, that page then disappears and then states that the printer is not ready to print.
I have pressed alsorts of buttons on the printer but to no avail.
I then deleted all reference to the printer on my PC and then tried to reinstall it using the Epsom disc and the auto find.
All that did was tell me the PC had found new hardware and went ahead and 'installed' it.
I have tried to print and the pc seems to do it's bit but the printer is not accepting the command and then does not print.
Has anybody had this before or does anybody have any suggestions as to what I am not doing or am doing wrong.

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Check the contacts on the new cartridge to see if they are clean and clear.
If you have any contact cleaner give the contacts a wipe even if they look ok.
It's not unknown for there to be a film over the contacts,can't be seen but still prevents good contact.
You could also try reinstalling the old cartridge to check that the printer is "seeing" it.


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been through god knows how many Epson, Lexmark and similar printers.
Got pig sick of them

got an HP, now have two in two places

run the troubleshooter
sounds a cop out but with printers you will be surprised what the PC can fix itself

I assume you have done all the usual cable checks
try another cartridge and eliminate the issues one by one

difficult to diagnose remotely though


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Generally speaking, a reasonable inkjet printer is cheap and the manufacturers then make their money on the ink cartridges. Renewing the ink is half as expensive as the printers often! Plus, there are more and more ways for the manufacturers to ensure you only use their cartridges (which may be best, but will be the most expensive).

If you can't fix it, bite the bullet and get a new one. They're all pretty much expensive on the ink, so if the printer is fubar'd, if possible, buy one that uses the same cartridges and you could save a bit there.


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All is now OK.
A very nice man that advertised in my local church magazine kindly heard my cry for help - down the 'phone !
He spent all of half an hour deleting something and re-installing something and interfaced something and a few other things that involved pressing buttons and causing the printer to make funny noises.
It now works and didn't cost me a great deal but saved me a great deal of heart ache and head shaking !!
My wife is also happier now as she was threatening to leave unless I got it sorted soon as it was causing me to be 'unliveable with' according to her :eek:

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Printer drivers these days are ridiculously large files; they used to be small and fitted on a floppy disc no problem.
There's too much unnecessary cr*p and diagnostic stuff in the file.
Printers are essentially pretty dumb devices but they do have the knack of making the user feel even dumber :)
Glad you got it sorted.