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They may allow you to use it on foxes whilst out deer stalking. I'm sure that the Home Office guidelines state that 6mm can be used on foxes but its how your Chief Constable decides to interpret those guidelines. It might help if you can prove that you only have the one rifle and that you have land permission for foxes. Good luck!


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Its an old chestnut that is!! I had my 308 passed for foxing but know of lads who were told no!! I also know that its down to the local office!! If you were only to have 1 rifle then it shouldnt be a problem as long as your permission was up to sratch!!

Good Luck



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Constable pc seem to think i would be better off just having a 243.but i realy want the 6.5x55.
no sure how different the two are or the pros and cons of the 2.
i don't want to have to rifles (cost etc) but it seems thats ok ,but not ok to have one rifle to do one job.
how mad is that. :mad:

its not like you can over kill some thing :rolleyes:
Don't know the bullet size for 6.5 x 55 but if it's very similar in appearance to the 243 try saying that you feel having both could be a safety risk as it would be too easy to select the wrong ammunition (I know someone who used that reasoning for other calibres and it was treated as an acceptable reason for clearing the one rifle for deer and foxes).


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thanks chrisB we try that,every bit helps.
can you see the sence of having two rifle when one will do the job.its got to be safer alll round,will it mean that if im out and see a fox when i've got the 6.5x55,i can't shoot it.? whats the farmer going to say,it want look good i bet,not in his eyes. :oops:
Have one on each shoulder :lol:


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I am constantly amazed at how the law is applied by FA Officers from county to county. Its becoming a post code lottery, rather like the NH service.

What difference does it make between using a 243 or a 6.5 to shoot a Fox? My ticket allows me to use all my rifles from .22 up to 375. It is ridiculous to think that while a person is out they have to make sure they have the right rifle should a Fox poke its head up, I very much sympathise with people like Tolley.

I always advise people to add to their application where it states where you are intending on using the weapon, "Where I am by payment or invatation".

Of late I have heard of a number of people having problems with trying to upgrade their calibre/choice of weapon on renewal, and having brick walls put in their way, even some with open licences. Looks like the Home Office is sending out new guidelines again that we know nothing about?


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Tolley, is this your first licence application? I have a 6.5x55 and a 243 and wanted a 308. With some wrangling I got it, how? I told the officer that although I know that the other rifles will do the job, I wanted a long range rifle for Scottish Sika and Reds and that the deer's welfare was my main reason for the request. I also need a larger calibre for my range shooting (out to 1000 metres).
Don't decieve the police, just state your case well and be prepared to haggle.
Good Luck.


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many thanks for the replys ,matters like this you get the feeling your on your own.
armed with all this infor i will be asking the police for a interview today ;)
wish me luck,i will let you know the out come.


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Tolley, for one you are not on your own, secondly there is no reason really why you should be denied the rifle, providing you have land or have booked to stalk larger species of deer, thirdly you should be able to take fox whilst out stalking with just about any calibre.

Best of luck, dont give in with the FA unit if they insist, I know of more than one person recently who eventually got the calibre they wanted through putting a sound waterproof case forward.


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finally got a reply from the firearms dep ,after talking to a anwser machine for a week. :D
nice chap said to state my case for one rifle as i mentioned ,don't want 2 rifles ,one rifle for target, fox and deer.
he seemed to think i should have no prob with it. ;)
as he said tick all the boxes you can.?

i said is it best to list a number of rifles i might want to purcase,his reply was that would look like you did'nt know what you want.? :oops:

i have to make sure that where i intended to use the rifle they have a problem with the animal in question?(which can be check't).even if the land is cleared for that calibre.Might have to join some where like Minsterley Ranges.

he gave me the impression that i needed to have more experience for the use of stalking having not done alot . :cry:
but to submit it .
i hope i like the 6.5x55

any thing anyone could add or advise


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Tolley I have 6.5x55 great to shoot. I have it cleared for both deer and fox individually. The relevent DEFRA guidelines state that rifles of 6.5 calibre are suitable for use on fox and should be allowed on this basis. It is as usual a different story up and down the country. I wish you the best with this one. Stick with it you should get what you want.


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thanks alled12 should have a answer soon :rolleyes: do load your own or have you found the factory loads ok.
how much are you paying for them.


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are you a memeberof a shooting organisation? Get them to contact FLO on your behalf and sort it out.

One caliber is a great argument. Dont have a 6.5x55 but i wish i had.

got 2232, 2-250,243,308 and ai wish i had one calibre for all. Save me a firtune.


paul k

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I had an interesting chat with a Firearms Officer with whom I was arguing about not letting me have boar on my .270

In an "off the record" chat I asked about this very question of having both .243 and .270 with fox allowed on the smaller calibre but not the .270 and I was having to refuse a gamekeeper's request to take a fox whilst out red stalking, if I saw one when I had finished on the deer.

He told me that as the specifying of certain species for each rifle was a Chief Constable's condition rather than the law, it was very unlikely that any prosecution could result from shooting a fox with the .270 even if I was reported for it which was also unlikely.

What he didn't say was what problems I might encounter when renewing my FAC if such an incident had occured!

One other hint is that if you are applying for a moderator, don't say that the reason is to reduce noise disturbance whilst stalking, even close to urban areas, as you may not get it. What you have to say is that it is for the protection of your hearing as they cannot take the risk of a refusal and subsequent litigation for damage to hearing.

Incidentally, I've 99% made up my mind to drop the .243 and .270 in favour of a moderated 6.5 x 55 as I've heard nothing bad about them.


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Hi Tolley,
I have rifles in .22 243 and 6.5x55 and have fox on all of them. I stated that I see foxes frequently when out with whichever rifle and the land owner wanted numbers reduced.
Regarding amunition for the 6.5, I reload and have used from 87 grain to 155 grain and they all shoot well.

good shooting.


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Sorry been a bit busy. I am just about to start reloading for my various rifles. I absolutely love my 6.5x55. The bullet diameter gives excellent sectional density which equals better killing power. At the moment I am norma loaded ammuntion with 129 grain head, works pretty well. Reloading wise I am quite taken with the 140 sierra gamekings, I will give them a try and let you know the results. As for over gunning, well their is no such thing as extra dead, dead is dead. Most bobbies probably wouldnt no the difference between 6.5x55 and 243 and 308 and what their used for anyway. as for shooting a rabbit with 243, I beleive the phrase is I required bait for a fox. From memory it does a pretty good job of spreading it around.