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Wanted: Peli case for R8 Pro Success


Well-Known Member
Anyone know of a vendor or anyone who makes these or something similar? I can find the normal Blaser ABS cases but was wondering if anyone sells the foam lined/attaché style cases in the UK?
Would consider new or second hand.
thanks Guys.


Well-Known Member
If you have a Blaser rifle and you intend to travel, then you owe it to yourself to get a Peli case. I have a Blaser case, but I would not fly with it as I don't think it would stand up to any abuse whatsoever. Similarly, avoid the aluminium type travel cases, as they only last about three flights before they start falling apart. Their locks are laughable as well. If time isn't of the essence, save your money and get a Peli case. I have 4 cases and they are literally bomb proof.


Well-Known Member
Thanks Conor. Won't actually NEED the case (have an old aluminium one and a slip) until late summer so sounds like it's time to save…. maybe a 2nd hand one comes up in meantime.