Perfect for the high seat ?


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I have just purchased one of these. Having sat in the high seat for many a cold hour this winter, I figure this could make early winter mornings a little more civilised.
Has anyone tried one of these if so what are your observations.

I'm guessing you mean an inflatable seat:

If so, they are a fantastic idea. I don't bother taking it if I'm doing a 'walk and stalk', but I use it all the time when sitting in a high seat as well as if I'm going to sit by a tree in 'ambush'.

I was given mine by a keeper friend who bought it in the US. I thought "only an American could have thought of that", but having used one I take it all back.

If you meant something else (thermos flask, sleeping bag, bottle of whisky) then please ignore the above ;)


dave 67

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Had one when I was an egg if I remember right we used to open the fridge door to warm up while using them but you knock your self out.
Oh by the way we were stood in the kitchen at the time,was not the best use of my money,but that was 25 yrs ago so they may have changed the design :D

Pete E

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I know somebody whos tried those, but didn't rate them too highly..IIRC, they were quite nosiy even in a highseat and as Dave says not particularly warm.

The self inflating cushion mentioned earlier make a huge difference to staying warm...I use one by Gelert which is about A4 size and cost about £6, so its not the end of the world if you loose it. Thermarest also do one that a bit bigger but its x3 the price as well...

widows son

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If your looking for something to keep your arse warm ,use a bit of bubble wrap ,or buy a camping sleeping mat and cut it to the size of your seat .