Perfect placement does not always kill.

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Hi Guys

Shot a roe buck a couple of weeks back and noticed a patch on the shoulder. At the gralloch the roe had been shot through the shoulder and lung collapsing it but surviced and made a full recovery.
So much for the argument that perfect placement is more important than calibre size. Always use as much gun as you can accuratly handle :D

Notice the healed entrance wound and dent on the opposite ribs. Most likely a .22 and a unexplained miss buy the hunter



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It never ceases to amaze me how much punishment a deer can take and survive. I also think that if a deer has already sussed you are there and is ready for the off, it tends to run more and knows you are pursueing it. Where as if they have no idea of your prescence they tend to most times drop if the shot is correct, I say most times but not always, Sika are very much the exception to the rule.


Smaller Cablibres

This reinforces my long held opinion that they should have kept the minimum calibre restrictions in the Deer Act as they were in England and Wales. There's no such thing as 'too much gun' when it comes to deer welfare. Just because of the historical position north of the boarder, it doesn't mean that it's OK to use .22 centrefire on deer. If people are serious about stalking either professionally or recreationally, they will invest in a proper deer calibre ie. .243 and above.

I don't understand the need or desire to change things, or who was pushing for these amends. None of the stalkers I go out with regularly would consider buying or using a .22.


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That is the second time I have seen people mention deer being recovered, only to find that they have been lung shot before, obviously only one lung was damaged for the deer to survive.

Without a exit wound it would not leave much of a blood trail, there was a guy on the UK Varmint hunting site telling every body he had shot 23 roe deer with a 243 using 58gn V-Max’s :mad: He was saying that they never exited well no surprise there. :rolleyes:

He got a bit of a hard time about it. :evil:

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