Perkins diesel engine


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I have a Hunting Genset that's no longer chucking out volts (I suspect it's the voltage regulator that's gone west, but that's by-the-by) The unit's powered by a Perkins LD 33674 diesel engine, and I'm wondering if anyone has any idea as to the potential value if I were to sell it independently? No idea of the hours it's done to be honest, but it's an army unit so I'm guessing it's been well-used but well-maintained also. The engine is in really good order condition-wise, and runs beautifully. I know we have some pretty clued-up guys here on SD, and I'm hoping amongst them is someone with a good idea of what second-hand plant is worth :thumb:

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Farming yesteryear organisers at scone, or the glamis transport extravaganza might give you some guidance?