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I am considering applying for my FAC soon, have taken DSC 1, but as yet have no land to stalk over. Is it likely that my application will be rejected?



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Ian, have a look at this i wrote this in response to a similar question

"Hi stephen,
You don't need to have your security in place at this time, but if you do it will mean that your ticket will be able to come back in the post and not be hand delivered which will be at the mercy of your FEOs diary.

as for security your cabinet needs to be a decent one, the new shop bought ones fit the criteria well. if you are using something else then we can look at that in more depth. your cabinet needs to be fitted to a solid wall (where possible) with 10mm rawl bolts. The 10mm is bolt size, not spanner size. at least 4 of them.
Your bolt and ammunition for a s1 must be kept separately in a locked container. If you have a locking compartment to your cabinet then that will do. if not one of them safes from B&q etc will be ok, this also needs to be secure.
your cabinet needs to be out of the view of casual visiters. ie in a cupboard or upstairs.
Will anyone share your cabinet? if no then no problem, if yes then let me know and we will look at that again.

Be prepared, he is going to ask you about your exerience, why you need what you need. where you will shoot and maybe, depending on your experience who you will shoot with.

If you want one deer rifle of whatever calibre and he tries to tell you that you can only have a .243 for roe deer etc explain that you want a "7mm" (for example) because you intend to stalk in places where a bigger calibre would be more appropriate to ensure a humane kill. Ask for fox on the ticket as well. remember that .308 and .30-06 are perfectly legitimate calibres for shooting muntjac with. there is no change from dead.

If you don't have a moderator on the ticket it is worth putting one on at this point rather than sending in for another variation when a landowner tells you you need one!

If you don't have any stalking ground then the feo will really want to see evidence that you will be stalking. This can be written invites or bookings with a comercial agency.

doing your DSC1 is NOT statutory requirement and if told that you will have to do one maybe you should ask if it is a statutory requirement.

It is a good thing to do though.

You may find he will ask you about mentoring. A lot of guys on here don't like that, however it is a good idea. It isn't permanant anyway a quick call to the licencing office when you have been out with your mentor a couple of times will soon get rid of that.

Mostly explain yourself, ask what you need to and put the kettle on. He might have done an awful lot of hard graft before getting to you.

all the best


so it is not a necassatity but it would help. if you don't have permission you will ideally need to show some invites or some bookings for stalking.

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