Pet names for rifles


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I can't be the only one that gives my rifles and guns nicknames,

8mm Double - "Angela" as it was made in Eastern Germany and is Merkel - not very imaginative I know..

.243 - "Death Ray" - it is black synthetic and since I had it lopped down to a 20" barrel it is one.

I could go on.

Anyone else care to "fess up" ?
There must be some good ones out there 😎
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I have a couple of friends, one with a 3 inch double magnum 12 he refers to as Mordred the goose slayer and another with a Callum 243 middlestead called Madelaine



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Aye, but for most of the lads on here they are toys not tools.

Remember to treat your rifle well, run hot loads through it, scrub the bore thoroughly and put away wet.

Or am I thinking of something else? :-| 🤭

Aye I suppose for a lot they are toys or at least they look on them as something other than a tool to do a job.
Make no mistake I have loved my job and there is nothing else I would have rather done but at the end of the day it is just a job.
There is more to life than work .

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No l don’t have any pet names for any of my rifles……but l do have a pet name for my favourite load……”whanger”……when this strikes at last light they don’t get up……and they never come back for more.


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Rather the reverse (rifle name for a pet), I have an acquaintance whose cat is called Mauser.

PS - I note Shikar does this too.


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Yeah ill fess a tank fanatic my 223 is called Fury and my 243 is called Murder inc after 2 of the tanks in the film 'Fury'