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Hello all,
I understand from this quarterly of the Deer Journal that Peter Carne has passed away. I don't know when this unhappy event happened, but may I just have a moment to say how much i enjoyed his books and articles and to say how they have inspired me in my dreams to become a good manager of deer. A novice could do a lot worse than to pick up one of his books. The passion and great knowledge that this gentleman had is apparent from page one.
The old guard will soon be gone from this earthly realm, lets us hope that amongst us we will find their equals to carry us on into this young centuary.

paul k

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I wrote to him a few years ago I got a charming letter back apologising for not fully answering it as his eyesight was deterioating to the extent that he found it difficult to read correspondence.

Lovely man and a real loss!


A very genuine and knowledgeable man. I only had the pleasure of meeting him a hand full of times. All of which have be come treasured memories.

Along with my meetings with the likes of Andrew De Nalik, Oliver Rackham, and Kenneth Whitehead.

He'll be sadly missed.
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