Pheasants this Saturday 31st Yorks


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Right chaps, I have been let down by a couple of lads and I short of making up my teams for my walk and stand day at a location near Ripon.
It will be anywhere between 40-80+ pheasants plus various and is followed by supper and beers at a village pub.
Its a good crack as its keepers day so lots of ribbing for poor shooting.
And best of all it is totally free, the down side if there is one is that you will need a dog, ideally a spaniel and of course insurance BDS BASC ect
I thought I would offer it to SD members as no one else seem worthy enough.
There are no ties to this, just trying to offer someone a chance to do a bit of game shooting.
Oh and partners are welcome along as well(man drive there, woman drive home, its the law).
PM me asap if anyone would like to take me up on this, its first come first served.


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Hi Cockerdog

Thats very generous of you - im already on a beaters day so can't put my name forward.

You're spot on with the banter - any misses are ridiculed without mercy, but the good shots are appreciated by everyone so its all good.

I hope you have as good a day as im hoping for!

(apparently we have sweet and sour boar and a venison curry for the meal aftewards)

Come on Saturday!




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A very generous offer.

I,m due off the rig Friday but the forcast is not good weatherwise so Friday could become Monday easily, otherwise I would have been very pleased to join you.


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Likewise, would love to come - have cocker, shotgun and BASC ready and able - but sadly it's our last day here as well.



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Very kind offer Cockerdog, it warms the heart.
Could you ask the same guys to let you down next year please? ;)

I've offered myself plus my two dogs to Chris Rob for The day. He may regret accepting by half way through the first drive, when my dogs are half way through drive three, having completed number two alone! :evil:
I wish you and all the bird shooters a good end to the season.


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Very generous indeed. Since this is a military shoot on MOD land why not advertise to the local units, I bet there will be a number of people intrested. I know it is short notice, but I could let people of various messess in your area know about this, if that will help.

Have a great Keepers day.