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Hi guys

My 2 year IPhone 5 contract with Tmobile has recently expired. I am currently paying £33 per month for 3000 minutes, 500 texts and 1.5 GB of data usage. However, as my Iphone 5 is in excellent condition, I thought I would save a fair bit of money and get a sim only 12 month contract from EE and use my existing phone, rather than getting a new IPhone with an expensive 2 year contract to go with it.

An EE 12 month sim only contract has unlimited texts and unlimited calls with 2.0 GB of data usage and uses the superior 4G (instead of 3G) for £15.99 month, which is more than I am allowed currently and is a far cheaper option.

I currently use nowhere near my allowance, and my data usage over the last 3 months has been a maximum of about 0.5 GB. However, I usually Browse the Internet with my iPad or iPhone at home via wifi connected to BT unlimited fibre optic broadband and as such this doesn't count against my phone data usage.

I am now wondering where the bulk of my data usage is coming from. For example, if I use the excellent Google maps satnav on my Iphhone, which is actually better than my TomTom Satnav, I am wondering how much data usage this is actually taking. If say, I went on a 5 hour round trip once a month could this be accounting for the majority of the data usage... T-Mobile and EE don't seem to be able to give me any answers to this question.

I would appreciate any info on the data usage.

As an aside, I think that there are a lot of people renewing phone contacts, when they could save a lot of money by keeping their existing phone and going with a sim only contact, assuming that their current phone is working fine that is.

As regards EE, if you don't want to sign up to 12 months you can take out a monthly sim only contract for about £3 a month more. So that's £18.99 a month for unlimited calls, texts and 2gb of data.... A lot cheaper than for example, taking out a new contract to get new iPhone, which in many cases is probably only a marginal improvement on what they currently own.... as in my case.

many thanks.
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I'm on 3payg. I pay £15 per month, and with the "add on" package that I use, I get 300 minutes, 3000 texts, and unlimited internet. I probably use less than 50 texts per month, and never get through all of my 'minutes'. My regular contacts are all on facebook/skype/viber/google hangouts etc. so the majority of my calls are made using VOIP. I regularly exceed 5gb per month!
The cheapest 'sim only' I could find was £18.99 and wouldn't have achieved the same value.


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I have just renewed my contract with EE and I have 10GB of data on my mobile. The guy I spoke to said that would work out about 10 movies a month as it's about a gig per movie. No idea if that's true or not.


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I don't think there is any advantage to you of the 4G signal. I seem to remember, from when I first had it, reading that my iPhone 5 doesn't cope with the 4G system that UK providers were going to use.