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Hi All,
I for one have a lot of problems posting photos on the site via photo bucket. Would one of you kind people please post a idiots guide to Photo bucket and how to post pictures on the site for those less than yourselves.

In fact is anyone up to writing an article 'Idiots Guide to Photo Bucket'?

Many Thanks Steve.F ;)

paul k

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The best way usually is to open photobucket and then copy the link in the bottom box under the photo you want to post. The box is called IMG link.

Then paste it into your post and that should be it. That's what I did to the photo below. Just make sure that when you block the link to copy it, you pick up the first bracket as you can sometimes miss this and wonder where the picture went.



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You don't actually have to highlight or block the link in photobucket to copy it. Go to your album and at the bottom of each photo there is a choice of four options all stacked up one on top of the other. Like this,

Email & IM
Direct Link
IMG Code

Now all you have to do is click on the bottom one, IMG Code, and it will say copied, then post it into your text on here, do not select the image option on here, just paste in the link.

Hope this helps



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Thank you Pete E for that very helpful post. Resizing will come in handy for the new article section as well as the regular threads. I'm going to have a play with my photos now, I might be sometime. ;)
Many thanks! :D
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