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For Sale: Photon set up , mn800 ir & mpr,

paul o'

Well-Known Member
As above photon gen one little used.5x42 left £255 inc post.
Nm 800 ir sold
A new and unused green light body not just the bulb sold
Yukon MPR Vid recorder sold
boxs for all , bag for scope

Paul :tiphat:
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paul o'

Well-Known Member
pm's reply'd to.
i would like to sell all at the same time , if not sold then i will sell as they are requested i think i have requested a fair price all in .

photon scope = 400
nm 800 ir inc mount = 214:95
Green bulb assy = 40:00
MPR 179:95 NOW = 168:99

Cost new £800+

paul o'

Well-Known Member
ok no one wish this set up as one so how about

scope 5X42 NOW £255 inc pp snail mail

nm 800 ir NOW £120
inc pp snail mail SOLD
NM mount NOW £20 inc pp snail mail SOLD

nm green lamp body NOW £ 25
inc pp snail mail SOLD

Yukon MPR VID REC NOW £125 inc pp snail mail SOLD

if it is't sold it will go on feebay next year lol
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