Piccadilly Line foxes

Pine Marten

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Good morning!

I spent 45 minutes this morning sitting in a stationary Tube train, stuck behind a broken down one outside Uxbridge station. Not an auspicious start to the week, but whilst I was sitting there, I caught some movement in the overgrown railway verges about 100m away. I kept staring at the spot, and I'd see tops of bushes shaking, the odd butterfly being scared off, but couldn't see what was causing the comotion. Then I started to catch half-second glimpses of cat-sized shapes in a hole through the leaves. At one point, I made out a long tail, and thought that these could be foxes, or cats, but definitely more than one chasing each other, rather than just one animal chasing prey. After about fifteen minutes of this, a fox cub, carried away by the chase, leapt out of cover, stood in the high grass with its' head just poking out, and then jumped back into the bush chasing its' sibbling. I don't think anyone else spotted this. I was keeping this knowledge as a trump card in case the toddler near me went ballistic.

Anyway, that's my unexpected urban wildlife story of the day.