Pickled eggs

gs jon

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Use brown sugar an chuck a chilli in too ,boil the vinegar add sugar and dissolve cool liquid and add eggs.


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@Dan Gliballs, if there was a “licking my lips” emoji that would be the perfect application! Have had a look through this channels offerings and it is now on my subscription list, thanks for posting.


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Oooo PICKLED EGGS 👃 I made some and put some garlic cloves in, nearly caused a divorce between a mate of mine and his Mrs following a darts night.

Apparently his trumps were a tad on the wiffy side.


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Anyone do pickled eggs? looking for a recipe for the spiced vinegar.

Don’t forget to rub Bob Martins Powders into your peaked cap before heading out to some Moorland pub for five pints and brace of pickled eggs!

And before anyone asks what the hell I’m on about here’s the answer:

Taped on reel-to-reel from BBC Radio 4 when first broadcast and now available to anyone. Love it.



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A friend of mine found a jar of pickled eggs that he'd forgotten about. They were actually dark brown they'd been in the pickle that long. They were absolutely superb!!

Although it was just as well we each had a doe box to ourselves the next morning . . . . . :oops: