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Hi Stone
the first pic was Dorset with Jan Andrews the second in a syndicate in the New Forest.

'i don't hunt in order to kill, i kill in order to have hunted'- Orteyga.


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Hi mack
I have never seen a scope that far up the barrel :eek: it must work or it wouldn't be there, why is it set that far up.? have I missed something?
Thanks Simon


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To answer deer-fox and the mole; my setup is a Steyr Scout Jeff Cooper package which came with a leupold x2 mag extended eye-relief scoutscope.
The concept of the forward mounted scope is designed to offer several advantages, the ability to shoot with both eyes open, rapid bolt manipulation, better balance of the rifle, speed, and I don't get scope cuts.
The Ching sling is a great help in accurate shooting especially when sitting.
One modification I made was to replace the x2 scope with a Nikon Monarch 2-8x extended eye-relief scope as there have been times where I needed the extra magnification, not that many though, I normally leave it set on 3 or 4x.
My load is 46.8 gn of varget under 150gn Hornady SST, get around minute of angle which I am more than happy with.
All the best

'I do not hunt in order to kill, I kill in order to have hunted.'-Ortega


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hi mack
not sure i would want to stalk with jan andrews as the only time i met her she scared the living cahooneys out of me :lol:
looks like she did you proud thou
well done my friend for posting the pics even if the deer are better looking :lol: :lol:


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it was more like what we would be doing in the highseat and how much it would cost me, never thought higseats were made for that ;)
not used to the more mature women at that age :lol:


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You disappoint me. Don't you know mature ladies are best. They don't tell----They don't swell-- And they are as grateful as hell :) :)


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Wise words Morena...wise words indeed! the older I get the more I appreciate women of the late summer early autumn variety. Much better than those 'Alco-pop swigging, banshees' I see coming back from the night clubs as I am on my way out for a morning stalk. :D